16/06/2021 at

Maharat Min Google


Badiri Academy in collaboration with Google will deliver Maharat Min Google workshop which will help participants to get new skills for a digital world.

Grow your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalized training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.

The workshop will focus on: 

- Improving your digital skills. 

- Discovering tools to make your business succeed. 

- Preparing you for the career you want. 


09/03/2021 at

*Available on Badiri e-academy

The Future is Female: Rock Your Profile with LinkedIn


In celebration of International Women’s Day, Badiri Education and Development Academy is organizing a virtual workshop in collaboration with LinkedIn titled “Rock Your Profile” which targets all the fresh female graduates and early job seekers to ensure their personal profile is ready for the corporate world.


03/03/2021 at

*Available on Badiri e-academy

Franchising Enterprise

Khalifa Fund

Badiri Education and Development Academy is organizing a virtual workshop in collaboration with Khalifa Fund about franchising enterprise.

In this workshop, we will tackle:

- Basics of franchising.

- How to create the proper documentation, standards, operation manuals, processes, procedures, and systems to franchise a young enterprise.

- Examples of successful franchise enterprise and entrepreneurs in the different sectors.


10/02/2021 at

Brave Conversations

LightHouse Arabia

Badiri Education and Development Academy is partnering with Lighthouse Arabia for a virtual workshop about how to handle Brave Conversations. Most people struggle to address conversations that makes them feel uncomfortable – but this is a vital skill for workplace success, resilience, and innovation.

This workshop will equip participants with the core skills to stay brave and constructive in tough professional conversations.

Christine Kritzas is a Psychologist at LightHouse Arabia since 2016. Prior to that she was a psychologist in South Africa for 8 years where she worked extensively with children and families in distress.

Farah Dahabi is a Clinical Social Worker from the US who leads the Mental Health First Aid program in the UAE. She has experience in workplace mental health, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues.


25/01/2021 at

Vision Board

LightHouse Arabia

Badiri Education and Development Academy  is partnering with Lighthouse Arabia to start the new year with a visual expression of goals and dreams in the form of a vision board where participants will learn strategies to live their lives authentically, full of value and on purpose

Christine Kritzas is a Psychologist at LightHouse Arabia since 2016. Prior to that she was a practicing psychologist in South Africa for 8 years where she worked extensively with children and families in distress


21/12/2020 at

Agility in Times of Change by The School of Life in the UK

The School of Life

The modern world of work has come to be defined by change and technological innovation. At a time when businesses have to move quickly to keep up, agility has become a core skill, one which helps every organisation to navigate the shifting demands of their industry. In this talk we will cover:

  • Obstacles to agility and flexibility 
  • Pathways to fostering a more agile and adaptive culture within your workplace 
  • The role of anticipation in shaping our expectations for the future.


16/12/2020 at

Self Defense Basics

Sharjah Women’s Sport

Badiri Education and Development academy in collaboration with Sharjah Women’s Sport are running an online workshop to teach the basics of self-defense. The workshop will be delivered live by a certified trainer and you will be able to interact and ask questions.


09/12/2020 at

*Available on Badiri e-academy

Panel Discussion: Weaving connections between Fashion and Entrepreneurship

Badiri Education & Development Academy and Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council

Badiri Education and Development academy in collaboration with Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council are running a panel discussion to bring into perspective the connections between fashion and Entrepreneurship. The panel discussion will shed light on the following:

  • Panelists learning experiences from AZYAME programme
  • Key learnings before starting a fashion designing career
  • Advices from established fashion designers


24/11/2020 at


By: The School of Life

To overcome the inevitable changes, stresses and setbacks of the professional world, individuals and organisations need resilience.

In this two-hour session, we will:

• Consider why experiencing change can be so difficult.

• Learn to develop a growth mindset, where setbacks are seen as temporary learning experiences.

• Create a toolbox of resources to use when times get tough and consider what new strategies might be useful.

• Explore how we might take a new perspective on difficult events

About The School of Life:

The School of Life is an organization built to help people find calm, self-understanding, resilience and connection - especially during troubled times.

Their ideas are divided into six key topics, that together contribute to the calmer, more resilient and self-aware lives people deserve: Self-Knowledge, Relationships, Work, Calm, Sociability, & Leisure & Culture.


17/11/2020 at

Investment and Financial Management – A Woman’s Necessary Forte

By: Sharjah Islamic Bank

Badiri Academy & Sharjah Islamic Bank are organizing a workshop delivered to women who are seeking knowledge and training on how to invest and to learn the basic knowledge about finance management.  Below are the main topics that will be covered during the workshop:

·            Difference between saving and investment

·            What we have today and how much we need in the future to be comfortable

·            What investment avenues are available

·            How to differentiate between various assets to invest in

·            Stages of investment in a person’s life and changing of objectives as we grow old

·            Current market trends and how one needs to adapt to changes

·            Importance of discipline in investment