“Badiri” Engages UAE’s Female Entrepreneurs to Master Self-Leadership Skills

In its latest workshop, Badiri Education and Development Academy (Badiri), the education and capacity-building arm of the NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), has highlighted a crucial lesson in leadership – using our self-awareness and emotional intelligence to manage ourselves and our relationships.

The unique ability to take the newest and most useful science on human behaviour and translate it into accessible, practical tools for ‘outstanding leadership’, was the basic teaching premise of the four-day Limbic Leadership Professional Development Programme, held recently in Sharjah, delivered by Steve Neale, creator of the Limbic Performance System for Outstanding Leadership, who has helped more than 20,000 leaders over the last decade and more.

Through its interactive and action-focused methods, the programme focused on helping the 15 participants to change limiting beliefs to become outstanding leaders of themselves and their relationships. It offered participants a step-by-step method for understanding the things that matter most to their life – their values, and offered them a toolkit for using those values in decision making, to deliver what Neale calls ‘inside-out leadership’ to take themselves and their organisations to the highest levels of success.

Among key topics covered were, Limbic Leadership and how it can be used to boost individual and team performance levels; the science behind why most people resist change and simple tools to overcome this resistance; improving and developing self-awareness and self-belief; understanding essential business values and how to use these when it comes to making key decisions; and, an introduction to inside-out leadership and how to apply it to garner success.

Participants worked towards developing key skills in motivation, engagement, trust, openness, confidence, conflict resolution, productivity and creativity, while also learning how to present and develop these values further with team members and put into practice when back in their working environments.

Reem BinKaram, Director of NAMA, said: “The Badiri Education and Development Academy is committed to strengthening women’s business skills in order for them to not only effectively compete in the world of business, but to lead.

“Awareness of oneself and others, developing listening and questioning skills, the ability to manage one’s emotions and body language, and the application of personal values to creating team and organizational values that are practical and active on a daily basis, are essential to outstanding leadership. This unique programme focuses on emotional intelligence coaching – something we know is every woman’s strong suit, and if harnessed properly, can offer them an edge in business.”

BinKaram added: “The four-day workshop, along with the additional follow-up webinars and e-learning programme, will help to ensure that women not only learn outstanding leadership skills required for good business, but also have access to all the support they need as they apply these best practices in the workplace.”

In addition to the workshop, participants will also have access to three follow-up online webinars, plus access to online learning modules for three months. The webinars comprise customised content from the Limbic Performance System for Outstanding Leadership (LPS) to help individuals apply their new skills in the workplace. The online learning modules, endorsed by Virgin People and by the International School of Management, are interactive exercises designed to focus on 17 proven leadership areas, including coaching and motivation.













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