Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme 2018 Opens Doors for Second Phase – Planning, Launch and Management

The Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme (BBEP) is now accepting applications for its intensive four-month course, where women can learn key business skills that enable them to launch and run a successful business and receive business-mentorship.

The programme, which runs from September until December, will include comprehensive training on business model planning, market research, marketing, operations and finance, and professional mentorship, in addition to providing participants with the opportunity to pitch their plans to a jury of business experts for feedback.

BBEP targets UAE-based women aged 18 and above, residing in the central and north-eastern regions of Sharjah, as these areas have limited employment opportunities, and provides them with the skills and tools to operate their own sustainable businesses.

Formerly known as JEEL, BBEP is the brainchild of the Badiri Education and Development Academy, the education and capacity development arm of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment. It is a mindset changing and entrepreneurship-training programme, especially tailored for UAE women to strengthen their business acumen and enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

The first phase of the programme, the Entrepreneur Development Camps, which were held between April and May, focused on developing key entrepreneurship competencies, such as self-awareness, critical and creative thinking, communication and presentation skills, effective goal-setting and identifying and framing ideas using techniques like SWOT analysis, minmapping, setting smart goals and team work.

Having mastered those key soft skills, Phase two of the programme focuses on strengthening strategic capabilities, including business model development and market research, data collection and analysis, applying case studies and refining business plans in preparation for the final pitch event.

As participants must have completed the first stage to be eligible to the second, BBEP will hold four additional Entrepreneur Development Camps for those women who missed the initial round.

The programme will be held in two locations: Sharjah City and Khorfakkan. Applicants can choose to attend the sessions in one of the locations and choose either the morning sessions, between 08:30am-01:00pm or the evening sessions, between 03:00pm-07:00pm. The first day of the second phase begins on Sunday, September 2.

Women who are interested can apply on The medium of instruction for all workshops is Arabic.

All of BBEPs workshops and training sessions are fully sponsored by Badiri Academy to ensure maximum participation from women who aspire to learn more about the world of entrepreneurship and want to turn their ideas into a business success.

Reem BinKaram, Director of NAMA, said: “The Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme builds the capacity of women and develops their business acumen, enabling them to begin their journeys into the world of business. The mentorship they will receive encompasses the essentials of entrepreneurship and equips the women with the skills to identify opportunities, and overcome the challenges they may face. Armed with these expert insights, the will to succeed, and a spirit of innovation many of these women will go on to be an inspiration to others.”

“Through this programme, held in collaboration with Education for Employment, University of Sharjah and Shbeemann Consulting, the women of Sharjah can be safe in the knowledge that they have the full support and the resources to advance their business careers.” Badiri Education and Development Academy, aims to boost, reward and showcase the spirit of female entrepreneurs and develop their skills, enabling them to successfully participate in the economy locally and globally. Badiri conducts a number of short and long-term training programmes and workshops designed for women to equip them with the skills and knowledge to excel in the workforce.













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