More than 9,000 People Benefited from Badiri Education and Development Academy’s Programmes

The Badiri Education and Development Academy, the education and capacity development arm of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, has been offering new entrepreneurship insights and experience to women in the Arab world. Badiri is dedicated to developing members’ intellectual and vocational skills and giving them access to hands-on information about start-ups and businesses.

Badiri seeks to enhance women’s capabilities and enable them to translate their ideas into projects through educational programmes that bolster their professional careers. There are 171 women who have harnessed the general workshops organised by Badiri Education and Development Academy and 8944 people who have made the most of its programmes.

The academy also seeks to foster entrepreneurship in women through developing their knowledge, experiences and skills. It launched three initiatives to raise their awareness and confidence – the Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme (BPSP), Badiri Social Entrepreneurship Programme (BSEP) and Badiri E-Academy.

HE Reem BinKaram, Director of NAMA Women Advancement, emphasised that NAMA launched the Badiri Education and Development Academy to bolster the skills of women in the UAE and beyond. The academy encourages them to entre the labour market through providing the basics and starting and managing projects, in addition to educating them on the market realities and needs.

“Since its inception, Badiri attracted more than 9000 people and offered them an array of programmes, workshops and experience that made them influential members of the community. The academy paved the way for some women to become entrepreneurs and enabled others to start their businesses. Our mission aligns with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah and Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Nama Women’s Advancement Establishment, that underscores the importance of supporting women and empowering them,” said BinKaram.

Badiri E-Academy – an interactive online learning platform: The Badiri E-Academy is one of the key initiatives under the umbrella of the Badiri Education and Development Academy. It is an interactive online learning platform built on the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) model. The Badiri E-Academy is open to all, providing information and knowledge, resources, training and unique programmes to all women and men across the world through its website and application.

The content offered by Badiri E-Academy meets the needs of university students, businesswomen, entrepreneurs and those seeking employment along with all people who wish to develop their skills at the personal and professional levels.

The Badiri E-Academy, which supported 8301 people, offers in its first phase, professional training courses in business, entrepreneurship, professional development, culture and science in Arabic and English. The programmes will gradually expand to include additional courses and languages. The programmes have been designed to meet the needs of women in the learning and professional development process. In line with NAMA’s firm belief that all people have the right to access sources of knowledge, the E-Academy is open to men and women from all over the world.

Badiri Social Entrepreneurship Programme (BSEP) – supporting profitable and sustainable businesses that address a social cause: The Badiri Social Entrepreneurship Programme (BSEP), launched by the Badiri Education and Development Academy, in cooperation with UK-based School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), seeks to build a generation of social entrepreneurs in the UAE. The 10-month programme was launched in 2018 and it offered support to 30 women.

The programme offers participants with hands-on experience and information needed to launch profitable and sustainable projects on the one hand, and ones that address social causes and achieve the positive target goals on the other hand. The programme enables the participants to explore the expertise of a host of social entrepreneurs with acustomised curriculum and exposes them to experiences and guidance in three countries: the UAE, the UK and India.

Maryam Al Qayed, BSEP Graduate and Founder of Al Biqsha project which provides Emirati souvenirs and gifts, underscored that the programme features quality content that meets the highest standards on entrepreneurship. BSEP showcases vibrant models of successful social projects from around the world, inspiring the participants to develop their ideas.

On the idea of her project, Al Qayed said: “Al Biqsha project incorporates heritage gifts in partnership with artists and artisans, translating the cultural gems of the UAE. Those gifts are on demand by tourists and residents. The BSEP offered my first-handexperience to develop my project which brings together profitability and social value”. She applauded NAMA’s initiatives that contribute to enabling the participants to face the key social challenges.

Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme (BBEP) – turning ideas into entrepreneurial projects: The Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme (BBEP) helps the participants to turn their ideas into successful business projects and start-ups. The programme aims to develop intellectual and entrepreneurial skill sets, educating the participants on all fields and aspects of entrepreneurship and start-ups. There are 85 women who benefited from the programme.

The 8-month BBEP course includes training classes and sessions for 6-7 weeks, in addition to field training, mentoring and technical support for 4-5 weeks. The course takes place several times a year across the emirate of Sharjah.

Women can take the Entrepreneur Development Camp (EDC) as an independent course, which is also a mandatory introductory workshop for applying to the BBEP.

The EDC aims to develop the intellectual and entrepreneurial skills of the participants. The camp focuses on developing skills like self-awareness, creative and critical thinking, communication and negotiation skills, creation and development of ideas,creating winning presentations and proposals, as well as Identifying goals and priorities. Since 2016, 528 women benefited from this introductory workshop.

The intensive BBEP trains the participants to develop financial planning and operations, management planning, action plan development, understand the entrepreneurship concept, business best practices in the UAE and marketing planning, to name a few.

Naima Al Amiri, owner of a company specialised in organising exhibitions, enrolled in the programme in 2017 and 2018, said that the training played an important part in developing the leadership skills of the participants, broaden their horizons in program management, in addition to teaching them how to organise their financials and develop marketing plans.

“We were eager to learn how to start our business from mentors with a wealth of expertise in entrepreneurships through a practical and hands-on approach to tackling real-life problems faced by other entrepreneurs and coming up with innovative solutions and ideas to overcome them,” she said.

She pointed out that her company specialises in organising heritage exhibitions, however, her participation in Badiri training programmes helped her to advance herbusiness and venture into creating a souvenir production line that meets market demands.













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