New Edition of Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme Accepting Applications

After successfully graduating 52 UAE-based women entrepreneurs from its last two editions (2017 and 2018) this February, the Badiri Business Entrepreneurship Programme (BBEP) has rolled out its fifth edition to continue equipping the next generation of women entrepreneurs in the UAE with entrepreneurial skills.

BBEP falls under NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA)’s education and capacity- building arm, Badiri Education and Development Academy, and was launched in 2015 in collaboration with Education for Employment (EFE).Offered as a standalone workshop, or a mandatory first step for BBEP, Badiri is accepting applications for its five-day ‘Entrepreneur Development Camp’ (EDC), which focuses on self- awareness, critical thinking, business ideation, and more. Badiri is holding multiple EDCs throughout the months of March and April. Emirati and expat women above 18 years of age are encouraged to apply for the EDCs on The programme and all its workshops are offered in Arabic. For more information, e-mail workshops followed by an intensive courseUpon completion of the EDC, participants are eligible to apply to the eight-month BBEP programme, which is designed to develop specific skill sets in business and leadership, and assist participants in turning their ideas into successful projects and start-ups through 6-7 weeks of training.During the intensive phase of BBEP, participants will learn financial and operational planning, data collection, business action plan development, best business practices in the UAE, and how to develop individual business plans based on market research for best results.

Alumni testimonials: Nothing is impossibleBBEP alumni, Nawal Al Saadi from Dar Thawb Fashion, noted that the programme completely changed her perceptions and approach to business, and gave her much-needed training in financial management. “The programme offered me hands-on experience on how to launch a successful project. Moreover, BBEP gave my social life new direction – I met like-minded womenwho have great ambition, and truly inspiring stories. I highly recommend this programme to every woman who sees herself as a entrepreneur in future.” 

Randa Hassan, administrative staff member at Sukaina Secondary School, said she enrolled in BBEP to become a more confident, self-aware professional, and enhance her critical thinking skills, “Not only have I developed new skills, which are essential for long-term professional success, I left the programme believing nothing is impossible! Today, I am able to manage my time so much better too. Being able to do so has enabled me to seize more opportunities.”













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