Badiri E-Academy’s free online course ‘The Right Mindset to become a Protagonist’, is a must for entrepreneurs

Have you found yourself out of your depth when facing challenges that arise suddenly, whether personal or professional? Does the thought of keeping updated in a world that is constantly changing keep you up at night? If so, taking the free online course, ‘The Right Mindset to Become a protagonist’ offered by Badiri E-Academy’s open-source e-learning platform will set you on the right path. 

The course empowers entrepreneurs to develop a “protagonist” mindset to easily adapt to a constantly changing world. The 667-minute online course is structured and presented in a very accessible format, packing 16 episodes presented by an engaging celebrity host who shares insights, asks profound questions, and ends with short actions you can complete to apply each lesson and be ready to design your own journey.

It is available in Arabic and English and is one of the nine courses offered for free for both women and men by Badiri E-Academy, and has been designed and developed by Bel Pesce, CEO of FazINOVAand best-selling author of four books who has been voted among the Top 10 most admired leaders inBrazil. It can be accessed online at

The E-Academy mobile App, available on both Android and Apple stores, will enable you to access the course anytime, anywhere. Registration for the course is free.

Badiri E-Academy is a part of Badiri Education and Development Academy – the education and capacity building arm of the UAE-based NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA).













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