Learn to monetise your blogs through Badiri E-Academy’s free online course, ‘Blogging 101 for Business’

Most bloggers begin writing for fun but in time they begin to obsess over the traffic their blogs generate and when it does, of monetising it. Not only is it difficult to drive traffic to a blog, but it's also hard to monetize the traffic that you do receive. 

To go about it the right way and profit in the long run, Badiri Education and Development Academy –the education and capacity building arm of the UAE-based NAMA Women AdvancementEstablishment (NAMA), is offering through its Badiri E-Academy’s open-source e-learning platform, an online course called ‘Blogging 101 for Business’. Any aspiring blogger anywhere in the world can access this course which teaches entrepreneurs how to write content for websites to engage new customers to drive traffic so that Google picks them up on the internet.

‘Blogging 101 for Business’, a 11-minute online course available in English, is one of the nine courses offered for free for both women and men by Badiri E-Academy. It can be accessed online at :https://www.badiriacademy.org/my-courses/business-101

The E-Academy mobile App, available on both Android and Apple stores, will enable you to access the course anytime, anywhere. Registration for the course is free. 

The course has been designed and presented by Heather Pressler from Capital Practice ConsultingLLC, to teach bloggers the fundamentals of online marketing when attempting to earn an income from their blogs. By following her tips based on the immutable laws of blogging, you will be able to monetise on your efforts over time.













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