Badiri E-Academy prepares young minds for an exciting and desirable future with free online course module

What are the most important contributions our generation can make during our brief window of existence?And how do we get going?

Award-winning educators will lead you on an in-depth journey into the life-purpose of our species in ‘TheHuman Project’, an 11-minute online course module offered by Badiri E-Academy, an open-source e-learning platform that offers free access to quality training content to develop one’s professional and life skills.

Badiri E-Academy is one of the central initiatives of Badiri Education and Development Academy – the education and capacity building arm of the UAE-based NAMA Women Advancement Establishment(NAMA). 

Learners, educators, and industry leaders gearing for a radically different future can benefit from the insights offered by ‘The Human Project’, one of the nine online courses offered for free by Badiri E-Academy. The course, available in English, can be accessed online at .

The E-Academy mobile App, available on both Android and Apple stores, will enable you to access the course anytime, anywhere. Registration is free. 

The course is presented by the Academy, renowned for its cutting-edge modules that are empowering a new generation of citizens to create civilization-level change.

If you are a concerned member of the human race, wondering where to place your life’s energy or your cognitive and financial surplus, this course that focuses on the critical survival skills of the future, is a good place to start. The Human Project module can be accessed at













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