Badiri E-Academy expands knowledge of Islamic finance with free course on ‘The Basis of Islamic Banking and Finance’

From the ethical underpinning of Islamic finance to the role of trade and wealth creation under Sharia laws, Badiri E-Academy, an online learning platform, is now offering an excellent insight into the underlying principles that govern Islamic banking in a free, three-lesson course module titled ‘The Basis of Islamic Banking and Finance’.

Badiri E-Academy was launched in 2018 by the UAE-based NAMA Women Advancement Establishment(NAMA)’s education and capacity-building arm, Badiri Education and Development Academy (Badiri). This course will enable job seekers, university students, and those aspiring for careers in corporate and investment banking or other financial institutions to gain an in-depth understanding and expand their specific knowledge of Islamic finance to access a number of lucrative, emerging marketing across theMiddle East and parts of Asia.‘The Basis of Islamic Banking and Finance’ is a 13-minute, 3-part course available in both Arabic and English and is one of the nine courses offered for free by Badiri E-Academy. The module offers practice and mock question segments and can be accessed online at E-Academy mobile App, available on both Android and Apple stores, will enable you to access the course anytime, anywhere. Registration is free. The course, which also covers the five main principles governing Islamic commercial ethics, is presented by Carrera Learning, an innovative e-learning platform that enables users and companies to build their Islamic finance capabilities. The training explains the necessity of understanding the underlying principles of Islamic banking and finance and how Sharia governs all aspects of life.













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