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The Badiri Education and Development Academy aims to boost, reward and showcase the spirit of female and develop their skills enabling them to successfully participate in the economy locally and globally. 

The Academy focuses on entrepreneurship development, which is encouraged through programmes such as the Badiri Entrepreneurship Programme, the Badiri Social Entrepreneurship Programme, and the Badiri E-Academy, in addition to ongoing short workshops, seminars, and courses that aim at creating the next generation of professional women.

The Badiri Education & Development Academy is one of three affiliates of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment.

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How to Communicate effectively on LinkedIn


Badiri Education and Development Academy is organizing a virtual workshop in collaboration...

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Data Analysis using Excel

Select training & management consultancy

Badiri Education and Development Academy is organizing a virtual workshop in collaboration...

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Time Management & Efficiency

Education for Employment

Badiri Academy in collaboration with Education For Employment will deliver a workshop titl...

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Badiri E-Academy offers 52 free professional skills development l...


As a fair share of the world’s population stays at home in the wake of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, the challenges posed by restriction of free movement has also offered an invaluable opportunity to...

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Badiri E-Academy’s free online course ‘The Right Mindset to becom...


Have you found yourself out of your depth when facing challenges that arise suddenly, whether personal or professional? Does the thought of keeping updated in a world that is constantly changing keep you up at night...

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Build the mindset of successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs thro...


Silicon Valley is one of the most prosperous regions in the world when it comes to building products and services that shape people's lives. However, Silicon Valley is more than just a place. It has come to symbolis...

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