Badiri E-Academy

Badiri E-Academy is one of the central initiatives of Badiri Education and Development Academy.  The E-Academy is a free online learning platform built on the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) model, and targets university students, women and men, aspiring and established entrepreneurs, working professionals, job seekers, and all who seek to develop their professional and life skills worldwide.

The E-Academy currently offers professional training courses in Business, Entrepreneurship, Culture, Theories, and Science, in both English and Arabic. This list will gradually expand to include other courses and in more languages.

The courses have been selected to respond to the needs of the public in the learning and professional development process. In line with our firm belief that all people have the right to access sources of knowledge, the E-Academy is open to men and women from all over the world.

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Content Partners

The E-Academy aims to host hundreds of open-source courses that will be accessible to millions of people globally. Hence, we are inviting all public and private institutions as well as individuals to contribute to our E-Academy by submitting course materials that can be hosted on our website and app.

We’re looking for institutions and individuals who have quality course materials, who want to benefit a global audience and help build their capacities so they can excel in their fields.